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Murder Mystery

Quick Details

Adult Ages 13+

Calling all would-be crime sleuths!

The Thorndyke family has lost their beloved patriarch, Walter Thorndyke. A wealthy and influential man while alive, his past had finally caught up with him – and everyone around him.

What begins as a funeral to honor the dead becomes the “price for the past” and one of the group will pay with their life while the skeletons in the family’s closet are revealed.

Join us as our mystery unfolds. Attend the funeral and ride along with the Thorndyke family to challenge your observational skills and see if you can determine ‘Who dun it’!

We’ll serve up individual pizzas (pepperoni or plain cheese – first come/first served) and assorted soft drinks at the station prior to the train’s departure.

The Murder Mystery Train departs each evening at 6:30 pm. But we encourage you to arrive early to visit our newly opened station, because you never know what clues or people you might see before the train leaves Coopersville.

Please note that this is more of an adult-themed train with limited seating. Make your reservation today.

Additional Information

  • Please arrive 15-30 minutes early for ticket scanning and the boarding process.
  • Restrooms on board.