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Murder Mystery Train

Get your tickets now for the best Murder Mystery Train in West Michigan

Quick Details

Join the fun as you get to help solve the mystery of “Whodunnit?” Our actors present the clues as we chug down the tracks. Then you work together to solve the murder mystery. Come dressed in period costumes if you like.

Adult Ages 13+

Calling all would-be crime sleuths!

It’s the Roaring 20’s. The stock market “crash” hasn’t happened yet and, prohibition is in full swing. The Crime syndicates are running the cities with the likes of Al Capone and
a host of others, not the least of which is Don Vincenzo Sammatino, the head of the Grand Rapids syndicate. So who would want to knock off Don Vicenezo?
Apparently, there is no shortage of suspects, including the Booze smuggler, the crooked cop, The Coopersville madam the Don was pressuring for more kickbacks,
the Don’s ex-mistress, or maybe even his current mistress. Join FBI Agent Hawk Johnson and his dimwitted sidekick as they try to solve the mystery of “Whodunnit?”.

We’ll serve up assorted soft drinks and light snack during the event.

The Murder Mystery Train departs each evening at 6:30 pm.

Please note that this is an adult-themed (PG) train with limited seating. So make your reservation today.

Additional Information

  • Please arrive 15-30 minutes early for ticket scanning and the boarding process.
  • Restrooms  in the station and on board.