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Introducing Car 5, our Accessibility Friendly Premium Car

The Friends of Coopersville and Marne Railway Company is Proud to have Car 5 in Service!

All Aboard!!!

After thousands of hours of careful modification, the historic 1929 Pullman passenger car “La Reine” welcomed its first passengers that benefitted from the newly accessibly renovated Car 5 aboard the Friends of the Coopersville & Marne Railway in 2022. Over the prior 34 years, the Coopersville & Marne Railway had hosted nearly 500,000 passengers on its vintage train rides. Due to the historic nature of our rail passenger equipment, it had been difficult for those who needed a chairlift or tie-downs to access our train rides.

We take pride that our historic accessible rail passenger car has been carefully modified to provide for the needs of most train riders. Generous donors throughout West Michigan contributed nearly $300,000 to complete the project. Major donors included the Meijer Foundation, Steelcase Foundation, Ed Hanenburg Foundation, the Steve Brandsta Family Foundation and many more individual contributions.

Now, when we call out “All Aboard!” we are giving a wider audience the opportunity to travel by historic passenger car through the beautiful farm countryside between Coopersville and Marne along with their families for generations to come.

All Aboard!!!

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