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Great Train Robbery

Quick Details

Coach Class Ages 13+
Premium Class Ages 13+
Child Ages 1-12
Infant Under 1 • No Seat Included • Must Sit on Parent's Lap
Cab Ride Ages 12+ • Limited to Just One Lucky Rider per Train • Ride Up in Our Vintage Locomotive in a “Jump Seat"
Wheelchair Seat 4 Tie Down Seats Per Train

Experience the days of the Wild West!

Come back to the days of the Wild West when the trains were the target of attacks by bandits. Loads of fun for children of ALL ages. Experience the past on our vintage train and watch out for those bandana masks!

Train events will vary what cars are included, below are details about each car and class:

Coach Class
Newly renovated vintage railroad passenger cars over 100 years old. Heated, with a restroom.

Premium Class
Table and chair seating, 4 to a table (if under 4 in your party, you may be paired with others) Seasonal light refreshments and beverages are included. Heated, with a restroom.

Caboose Class
The kids love this. Adults too. Ride in our red caboose at the end of the train. We suggest you visit our station restrooms before your ride as there are no facilities in the caboose (but we can get you to one of our coach restrooms at the Marne stop after a 45 minute ride).

Cab Ride
Limited to just one lucky rider per train. Ride up in our Vintage Locomotive in a ‘jump seat’. We suggest you visit our station restroom as there are no restrooms up in the cab.